UCSC Core Parking Garage, Santa Cruz California


Santana Row Parking Garage, San Jose California


UCSC Core Parking Garage, Santa Cruz California

Parking Stuctures

As a leader in parking construction, we bring over 60 years of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship to the work we do for our customers. With over 50 million square feet completed, we pride ourselves on never missing pour dates and completing jobs on-time and on-budget.

We are experts in all types of parking structure construction, including:

  • Long Span (Cunningham Beam Systems)
  • Short Span
  • Joist Pan Slabs
  • Dome Slabs
  • Subterranean
  • Precast Hybrid

We have specific crews designated to this area of specialty, who work closely with the design team and all contractors involved to produce the most efficient and cost-effective structure possible.

Our work speaks for itself – we have won many awards for our outstanding attention to the architectural details and finishes of our projects.

By taking the early design concept, our team of engineers are able to produce both a 3-D model, complete with an estimated budget and a detailed schedule from start to completion.This gives our clients the ability to visualize the final product, thus greatly reducing any possible errors in design and eliminating costly delays.


“Peck & Hiller performed admirably on the 1,423 stall Mission Bay Block 27 parking structure, one of the more aggressively scheduled garages by our firm. Their preconstruction effort and recommendations for the concrete pour sequence was critically important to the project schedule. The formwork quality on the cast-in-place structure was outstanding.”

Carl Overaa, Senior Project Manager - C. Overaa & Co