Harborview Medical Center—Seattle Washington


Steve Allen Engineering Center—University of Washington—Seattle

If we aren't improving with every project, we aren't working hard enough

Our clients are vitally important to us and we encourage them to always expect more from us.

We are constantly working to better serve our clients with both time-tested processes and innovative new ideas that help our projects achieve success.


Open and Honest Communication is Key


We understand and respect the high demand of each project. It is essential to both the success of the project and to the success of Peck & Hilller that we both understand and also deliver above and beyond the expectations of our clients. That means we have to leave the channels of communication always honest, open and productive.

  • We always deliver as promised
  • We are on time and within budget—ZERO change orders is our goal
  • Interactions with clients and vendors are always successful


Honesty and Integrity Rule our Actions


We promote a work atmosphere that deeply values high levels of honesty and integrity from our employees and management team.  We are committed to making every relationship a success.